One to One Computer Training
Computer Training

        Subjects covered

  • How to use your email program
  • How to set up a new or second email address using Google or Hotmail
  • How to send and receive emails
  • How to read your emails
  • How to reply to an email
  • How to delete emails
  • How to file emails into folders
  • How to send attachments i.e. photos
  • How to open attachments
  • How to safely use the internet 
  • How to search for information
  • How to do online shopping
  • How to do online Banking
  • How to use websites such as eBay,  BBC iplayer etc.
         Digital Photography
  • How to transfer photos from your camera to your computer
  • How to view your photos
  • How to delete unwanted photos
  • How to file your photos into folders
  • How to print your photos
  • How to email your photos
  • How to use a simple photographic program which will enable you to manipulate your pictures i.e. crop, resize, red eye removal etc.
  • Toolbars explained
  • How to change margins
  • How to format text - changing the font, changing the font size and changing the font colour.
  • How to align the text
  • How to move text (cut/copy/paste)
  • How to delete text
  • How to check your document for mistakes using the spellcheck
  • How to print your work
  • How to save your work
  • How to find your saved work
  • How to use columns
  • How to use page borders
  • How to use Wordart
  • How to print envelopes and labels
  • How to insert pictures/clipart into your work
  • How to play a CD on your computer
  • How to transfer music from a CD to your computer
  • How to transfer music from your computer to a blank CD
  • How to transfer music to an MP3player
  • How to download music from the internet
  • How to download and use iTunes and synchronize the music in your iTunes library with your iPod
          And much more ..